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December 29, 2008


Er… hi! We’ve moved to (☟゚∀゚)☟



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[Donor Project] Cynthia The Mission v01 c05

December 28, 2008


Here’s another release, chapter 5 of Cynthia the Mission. Enjoy your Thailand sissy-men/transgender stereotype jokes. Useless trivia: did you know that Bangkok also means “City of Angels”?

As usual, this is a donor project, so go download it at the Donor Project page, also, you can pitch in and contribute towards the project if you like.

vol.1 ch5: Rapidshare

Chapter 5’s the last chapter for volume 1, by the way, so here’s the whole volume 1 for those latecomers:

Volume 1: Rapidshare

Inoue Yoshihisa – Ojii-chan wa Shounen Tantei vol.3 ch.20

December 28, 2008


Here’s chapter 20 of Inoue Yoshihisa’s worksafe manga, brought to you by Aidenke. Contains tsundere granddaughters:


and cool officers:


who turns out to be a yandere… D:


So there, enjoy. Also, deja-vu for those Back to The Future fans.



DDL: hxxp://[desudesu] Inoue Yoshihisa – Ojii-chan wa Shounen Tantei  vol.3 ch.20.rar

[Donor Project] Kyoden Sanbun – Sein zain ch.9

December 27, 2008


Here’s chapter 9 of the beastiality donor project. See the director-looking guy with thick moustache? I like how he really enjoys watching SECRET PORN VIDEOS of his colleague female actors/newscasters, as depicted in this chapter.

As usual, get it at the Donor Project page, or here:


Niku Ringo – NIPPON PRACTICE(Street Fighter)

December 27, 2008

practice00Here’s a new one, brought to you by Lord G. It’s Niku Ringo’s sequel for Nippon Onna Heroine 2, and it contains the same old Niku Ringo fetishes, like body odor, hairy females who gets high from fisting/smelling her own armpits and stuffs like that. Also, Chun Li loves raping little boys.



DDL1: hxxp://[desudesu] Niku Ringo – NIPPON PRACTICE(Street Fighter).rar

DDL2: hxxp://[desudesu] Niku Ringo – NIPPON PRACTICE(Street Fighter).rar

Tengu no Tsuzura – Merry Box [Evangelion]

December 24, 2008


Here’s a Christmas-themed release, brought to you by NemesisBehemoth. It’s an Evangelion doujin, and it contains poor Rei being pushed around (she gets her sweet revenge later, so fret not) by those delusional NERV girls.




DDL1: hxxp://[desudesu] Tengu no Tsuzura – Merry Box [Evangelion].rar

DDL2: hxxp://[desudesu] Tengu no Tsuzura – Merry Box [Evangelion].rar

Komine Tsubasa – Ovulation Exhibition ch.8 (end)

December 24, 2008


Here’s the final chapter of Komine Tsubasa’s Ovulation Exhibition book, commissioned by 2Hip. Contains an imouto who thinks that Cola kills sperm, also, underage group sex D:



DDL1: hxxp://[desudesu] Komine Tsubasa – Ovulation Exhibition ch.8.rar

DDL2: hxxp://[desudesu] Komine Tsubasa – Ovulation Exhibition ch.8.rar

Now that the whole book’s done, here’s the full book in one convenient folder (instead of one folder each chapter):



(☝゚∀゚)☝ I’d really appreciate it if you’d use these links first, before trying the DDL below, thanks

DDL: hxxp://[desudesu] Komine Tsubasa – Ovulation Exhibition.rar


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